A world-class visual content & technology partner

Goodbye Kansas Group AB (publ) is the leading company specializing in visual content and cutting-edge technology listed at Nasdaq First North.

The company develops products and solutions based on advanced technology; Virtual Reality (VR), VFX production, Game Cinematics, Performance capture & scanning, Digital Humans and Real Time animation.

The Group has approximately 200 employees - talents and artists and has world-leading companies in TV, film, streaming, gaming, industry and e-commerce as customers. Some of the world- leading customers are Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Disney, Warner, SAAB, Electrolux, SJ, AlfaLaval, Cargotec and Pixels.com.

Through the convergence of visual content and technology, Goodbye Kansas Group is perfectically positioned to leverage on the synergies between the group of companies while meeting the ongoing demands and adoption of new technological visual experiences of the global market.

The Group comprises of:
Goodbye Kansas Studios Visual experiences for film, TV and games
Vobling Virtual training and XR
Plotagon 3D animated film engine

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Headquartered in Stockholm with additional offices in London and Belgrade allowing the group to meet the demands of the global market.

Company Structure

Our Mission and Vision

"We provide groundbreaking digital experiences to the world through outstanding talent, cutting edge technology and engaging narrative"

"To become the most celebrated creators of visual and technological experiences for generations to come"

Business Model

People expect the digital world to be more authentic than ever

The analogue world moves into the digital world both in our daily life and at work. People expect the environments of the digital world to be more authentic than ever. Goodbye Kansas builds its business model on that insight; applies cutting-edge technology, combining it with world-class artistry and scalable products.

The group creates products and services by combining this know how in new ways for the best visual experience. The technologies are Virtual Reality (VR), VFX production, Cinematics, Performance Capture & Scanning, Digital Humans and Real Time animation.

Our Markets

A group in the forefront of converging markets

The digital entertainment industry in film, gaming and streaming services is growing strongly. The rapid technological development of computers, mobiles, tablets and VR headsets creates great demand for content consumed through both flat screens and more actively in interactive 3D worlds.

The technology combined with visual content is not only in demand from the entertainment industry, but creates new conditions in everything from online shopping to applications in the industrial sector.

The convergence of digital evolution is clear; for example, the Group uses game engines to create real-time VFX for film and TV as well as for the development of VR simulators. 

Strategic Areas

The group will seize the opportunities in film, gaming, streaming and immersive tech (XR)

The Group has a clear strategy to seize the opportunities that now exist in film, gaming, streaming and immersive tech (XR). The markets are in strong growth and converge on content, technology and across customer segments.

The entertainment industry is rapidly converging and becoming more and more influential in people’s everyday lives. New forms of entertainment are today breaking their boundaries, bringing untold new possibilities for companies who can think and operate across fields.

The company is built upon the strong belief that this convergence would increase in importance. The group is uniquely positioned to leverage the strengths across industries - both within and outside entertainment

The Group has identified a number of strategic areas below. You find additional information in the Annual Report


Goodbye Kansas has during the past years narrowed its business focus and performed structural changes in order to focus on its studio business. In 2020, Goodbye Kansas merged with Bublar which focused on VR, AR and mobile games. Due to changed market conditions a decision was taken in 2022 to narrow the business focus and yet again focus on the studio business. Today, Goodbye Kansas comprises of two parts: Goodbye Kansas Studios and Other operations. Goodbye Kansas Studios is the core business and offers visual content for film, TV and computer games, and its product candidates include VFX, game trailers, In Game and Animation. Other operations includes the companies Vobling which offers solutions for VR education and Plotagon Production which offers an app for 3D animation.


During the year significant structural changes were made to to narrow the business focus and focus on Goodbye Kansas Studios. The Group is thereby structured in two parts: Goodbye Kansas Studios and Other operations.

 Goodbye Kansas Group’s subsidiary Vobling AB was honored with the prestigious prize ”Product of the year in 2023” by the trade organization FeuerTrutz in Germany.

Goodbye Kansas Studios was given the opportunity to produce a cinematic trailer for the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty, for CD PROJEKT RED (CDPR).


Stefan Danieli was appointed CEO of Goodbye Kansas.

Plotagon launched the new app Z-Cut in collaboration with South Korean Naver Z Corporation for their avatar platform ZEPETO which has over 300 million users globally. 

Goodbye Kansas Studios produced the trailer for Funcom’s game Dune: Awakening. The game has been inspired by the Legendary Pictures film and Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction books. 

Goodbye Kansas Studios produced a cinematic trailer for Ubisoft’s game ”Skull & Bones”, which was released in July 2022. The trailer won a Silver at the Epica Awards and was nominated for a VES award for best animated character.


Change of name to Goodbye Kansas Group from Bublar Group

Signing license deal with MGA (US).

Co-producing with Netflix and Spike Lee


Acquisition of Plotagon. Plotagon recently entered an agreement with the South Korean online company Naver Z who operates the popular avatar platform ZEPETO with 180 million users worldwide.

Goodbye Kansas wins the Swedish Government's Export Prize

As from May 2020 Goodbye Kansas is part of the Bublar family. The deal provides the opportunity to create a unique powerhouse for digital experiences based on cutting edge technology.


On 11th of November 2019, the Bublar share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

The acquisition of the Finnish Augmented Reality company Sayduck, is finalized in July. With a variety of XR solutions and offerings, Bublar Group has become the leading Nordic XR technology company.

Goodbye Kansas moves into  a new HQ in Stockholm, an eco-friendly building designed especially for Goodbye Kansas, including a state-of-the-art Performance Capture studio and 3D Face & Body Scanning facilities.

Release of Cyberpunk 2077 trailer with 60 million+ viewers, produced by Goodbye Kansas Studios


Bublar Group grew when the Swedish AR/VR company Vobling AB was acquired.

Goodbye Kansas opens offices in Los Angeles. Goodbye Kansas is nominated for 12 awards and wins six: the "Overkill's The Walking Dead trailer "Grant" wins six awards and a TVC for "Dancing on Ice" wins two.


Following the merger of four of the Swedish specialized studios in the company group, Goodbye Kansas Studios was founded bringing game cinematics production, VFX, 3D Animation, Creature & Character design and capture/scanning together under one roof.


Bublar Group grows and becomes a small game studio focusing on development of the platform in parallel to designing and producing the first consumer product built on the platform.

Goodbye Kansas UK is founded in London, focusing on VFX for Film/TV.

The Goodbye Kansas subsidiary Infinite Entertainment is founded, focusing on IP development and co-production in film/TV.


The company Bublar is founded.


The brand Goodbye Kansas is founded.