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Through a diverse group of businesses, Goodbye Kansas Group capitalizes on a strategic offering between business to business and business to consumer.

Goodbye Kansas Studios

Goodbye Kansas Studios was founded in 2014 and has quickly established itself as a high-quality provider of digital and creative services for both gaming, film, TV and advertising. The company is the largest in its field of operations in the Nordic region and has one of Europe's most modern Capture studios.

The company has productions in five special areas;
Motion Capture/Scanning, Game Trailers, Animation & Design, Visual Effects (VFX) and Film, TV and real time production.

The productions have received great recognition with many awards, including The Golden Egg, Epica Awards, Animago Awards, Eurobest, Mobius Awards, AEAF Awards and the most prestigious prize in the VFX world VES Awards, corresponding ("Oscars" for VFX).

Extraordinary visual experiences
Goodbye Kansas Studios creates award-winning VFX, digital animation and perfomance capture for film, TV-series, games, gametrailers and commercials.

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Redefining reality since 2015

Since 2015 Vobling has provided bleeding edge XR services. The company develops enterprise scalable solutions such as training simulators, product visualization tools, and R&D applications for world-renowned corporations in fields such as transportation, manucaturing, retail and construction. Vobling is a market leader with its offering within virtual training and augmented maintenance solutions.

From the inception the focus has maintained on applying the technologies where they offer solutions to real world problems and where they generate quantifiable business value. The dedication to high impact solutions have lead to a specialization in developing virtual reality training platforms alongside the on-demand, in-house, full-stack XR agency offering. Vobling has offices in Stockholm and Manila.

A market-leading, all in one Virtual Fire Training Solution
VR solves challenges traditional training methods have. The VR Fire Trainer is a mobile, easy-to-use off-the- shelf package, targeting companies in need of readily accessible virtual fire safety training.

Aside from being completely safe, VR training has the benefit of being more cost-efficient, sustainable and scalable, while offering an en- hanced learning experience when compared with traditional fire safety training.

There is no longer a need to use real fires to emulate real-world scenarios when it’s done better virtually. VR Training is also perfectly suited for training in urban environments, and it implicates less environmental impact. 

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Plotagon enables our users to create animated films in seconds without any previous animation knowledge on their mobile or desktop device! Plotagon har for instance developed the app Z-Cut in collaboration with the South-Korean avatar platform ZEPETO. 

Plotagon was founded in 2013 with the dream to turn every keyboard into a magical typewriter that converts ideas into videos through the combined power of technology and animation. Our unique method is a combination of gaming technology + classic film production + old-fashioned screenwriting.

Along the way, millions of users have redefined Plotagon and turned it into something much greater than we ever could imagine back in 2014 when we launched the first version of Plotagon.

Today, a global community of citizens including influencers, storytellers, teachers, and corporate trainers use Plotagon to tell stories and educate students, employees, colleagues and entertain the public at large.

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