VFX for Netflix ’The Irregulars’

In 2021, Goodbye Kansas Studios delivered over 200 VFX shots to the Netflix drama series “The Irregulars”.

Goodbye Kansas studios in London and Stockholm were one of the main vendors of visual effects across all eight episodes, an important milestone in the process of developing an already successful position as a supplier of high-quality effects to the growing streaming market.

The team was led by Goodbye Kansas VFX Supervisors Joel Lindman (Stockholm) and Jim Parsons (London) in collaboration with the series overall VFX Supervisor, Richard Briscoe.

"Our global teams’ successful way of working together on projects like ‘The Irregulars’ is one of the many factors that sets us at Goodbye Kansas Studios apart from our competitors”, says Matilda Olsson, Executive Producer, Goodbye Kansas Studios

Most of the work for the team at Goodbye Kansas Studios in Stockholm was about creating advanced effects with birds, including a flock of 100 digital birds that are supernaturally controlled by one of the series’ villains. To create these effects, the FX and animation teams worked together to design, create and animate seven different kinds of birds. The experienced FX team then used their expertise to create advanced simulations to give the individual birds unique and dynamic movements.

The team in London focused on a number of other types of VFX, including the design and digital creation of the period tattoos worn by the main characters in the series. Both the London and Stockholm teams also worked together to deliver effects with a “supernatural fluid” that has healing properties and is used by a character to assemble body parts.

The VFX production for Netflix’s “The Irregulars” once again shows the strength of the collaboration between the international Goodbye Kansas Studios teams. Clients in streaming – such as Netflix – are always in need of VFX services, and successful projects such as The Irregulars also serve as door openers for other clients.

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