VR Fire Trainer breaks new ground in fire safety training

Vobling’s proprietary product is attracting a great deal of interest from well-established retailers for training and training in fire safety. Dafo Brand, is an exclusive reseller in Sweden and a partner in the Nordic region. GLORIA, which is Europe’s leading company in Fire & Safety, is a reseller in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets and an additional reseller agreement was recently signed for the UK.

Fredrik Frank is sales manager at Vobling and has been involved since the start of the development of VR Fire Trainer.

How do you see the interest and opportunities in the partnerships Vobling has entered into so far with the resellers?
“We see a strong interest from our resellers. In Sweden, dedicated resources are employed to meet the needs and demand of our partners. The initial reaction from our partners in the EU has been overwhelmingly positive with incoming orders from day one. Now we have an exciting launch in the UK ahead of us. An important factor for the development is that the Covid situation is now beginning to improve, which provides increased opportunities to visit and show the product to consumers in the countries where we are now establishing the product via our resellers.”

What opportunities do you see for VR Fire Trainer in the future – additional markets and resellers?
“We have inquiries from a number of players within EMEA who show great interest where we can expect new establishments in the future. Also from a number of different players in Oceania - including Australia and New Zealand. If we look at the global market for fire safety equipment, it is expected to reach USD 105 billion by 2025, according to the research house Grand View Research, Inc. and have an average annual growth rate of almost 9 percent.”

Amanda Bengtsson is Head of Product for VR Fire Trainer. Amanda, who previously worked as project manager at Sony, took over responsibility for the product during the spring.

What do you see are the biggest advantages of VR Fire Trainer compared to traditional training?
“The biggest advantages are environmental aspects and accessibility in comparison with traditional fire training. By limiting the number of fire extinguishers that are emptied into our environment and at the same time ensuring a training where the user can practice the practical steps on a real fire extinguisher - and also as many times as possible. VR Fire Trainer gives the user a varied training in different environments, with different types of fire extinguishers and different types of fires, anytime and anywhere. Traditional training is limited by, among other things, weather conditions, rules of conduct in city centers and regulation to empty fire extinguishers into the environment. Training in VR is also almost completely risk-free compared to real fires!

How is the product developed or adapted for different markets or fire situations?
“What distinguishes fire training in different markets is the color coding of the physical fire extinguishers. To make the training as realistic as possible and ensure that the user takes their training out into real life and is ready for what can happen, we offer a market adaptation of extinguishers in the experience.”

What development do you see for VR Fire Trainer in the future, what awaits around the corner?
“We continue the development of different types of fires. Next in line is a lithium fire that complements the current range of fires as lithium batteries are used to an increasing extent. As more scooters, electric bikes and mobile equipment are in demand, this need will increase. We also work with creating and packaging training programs to fit in different types of training. We also want to broaden the offer of VR Fire Trainer to work with more types of VR Head sets.”

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